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Welcome to Tele’s documentation!

Tele is a library for building Telegram bots in a simple and fast way.

for example. Send a message with text ‘hi’ and a keyboard with 10 buttons, 3 in each line:

from Tele import *
sendMessage(12345678, 'hi',
        reply_markup=Keyboard([r for r in range(10)], num_line=3))

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Getting Started


pip3 install telepy

starting the code with import Tele [or form Tele import ..] and insert token to “accuont” function.

import Tele

Tele.account('<Your Token Here>')
Tele.sendMessage(chat_id=12345678, text='hello')

To receive information about sent messages, and to respond to them Use the @bot() decorator, above youre functions. The functions will respond every time a message is sent. and the argument will be the update from ‘getUpdates’ [json]. To start the functions add bot_run() after the account()

from Tele import *

def hello_world(update):

account('<Your Token Here>')

In this case, the function (hello_world) will run each time a message is sent to the bot.

the @bot decorator, can take filters and respond to particular type of messages, According to what you have determined.

    def hello_world(update):

@bot(('photo', 'bot_command'))
    def func(up):

see here information about the filters